About Us

We extend our sincere appreciation
to our dear customers
for the past 20 years with WareValley Inc.
Throughout this time, we have faced numerous changes and obstacles together, overcoming them with determination.

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We are a global knowledge-based company
that takes a lead in innovation
and maximizes creative abilities
to advance humanity.
WareValley is a global software company based in South Korea, specializing in providing quick and convenient guidance for DBMS security, management, and operation.
We dedicate our utmost efforts to safeguarding our customers’ assets and ensuring business stability.

Thanks to the overwhelming support and affirmation from our customers, WareValley has been able to progress over the last 20 years and reach this point.
Through more adventurous research for solution and generous investment, we are committed to delivering competitive solutions and distinguished services to contribute to making this world a safer place.

In this ever-changing world, WareValley will join hands with creative minds poised to shape the future,
continually advancing towards a greater tomorrow. Our tireless and venturesome spirit, coupled with our passion for realizing our dreams, will lead to limitless growth for our company and its members,
creating a legacy of a centennial business operation.

CEO of WareValley, Inc.,

Son Sam-soo

Signature of CEO Son Sam-soo
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To achieve not only security but also a sustainable future through ESG management WareValley promises to never cease putting forth its best efforts.
Through mutually beneficial solutions, we aim to enhance customer usability,
ensure the safety of their assets, and continually improve using advanced technologies.


High-quality products, representing logical choices for IT professionals


20 years of experience that brings a technological edge


Solutions that achieve perfection through an empathetic relationship


Inclusive attitude that enables adaptation to various environments

About CI

WareValley's Corporate Identity (C.I.) incorporates design features emphasizing the image of an innovative and systematic security solution company.
It employs geometrical shapes to symbolize amorphous data and showcases WV (WareValley) in a symbolic manner,
representing the company's assurance and solidity.
This design inspiration draws from woven knots, symbolizing WareValley's solutions.
The combination of bright yellow with dark blue and aqua blue symbolizes the company’s ideals for innovation and the harmonious future of a data security company.


The Corporate Identity is the distinctive symbol of WareValley, serving as the leading element in shaping the overall look and feel of the company, whether adorned with motifs or not.











WareValley strives to bring
continual changes and innovations.

Built upon the foundation of continuous trust in us, we will reciprocate responsibly.

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