WareValley has focused on developing information security solutions including “encryption”, “access control”, “audit”, “vulnerability detection”, “personal information asset management”, and “DB work approval”. As we push ourselves further to meet clients’ diverse demands, we introduce WISS (WareValley Information Security Suite), an integrated platform for operation of information security solutions developed by WareValley. It organically combines each solution to achieve personal information security under a united platform and to manage the life cycle of information security activities. Try out WISS, operable for both on-premise and cloud, to increase your work efficiency.
Realize practical and united information securityby organically integrating security solutions.


The life cycle of information security activities, in general, consists of discovery, classification, policymaking, audit, and assessment. And security solutions required at each stage are manufactured by different vendors, which is a common practice in the market. To understand and operate products, the administrator should use different interfaces for each solution.
However, WareValley’s WISS offers one single interface by integrating different products for each stage. In other words, information security solutions for access control, encryption, personal information management, work approval, and server security are integrated under the same interface.

The synergy coming from this integration is beyond expectations. First, a series of policy information of products owned by different users – access control, encryption, personal information management, work approval, and server security – can be unified. For example, user management and certification system for DB access control and server security can be unified. In addition, internal assets such as DB, server, and file will be administered under the unified security rules. Also, the outcomes of each solution will be synchronized organically.

WISS enables a workflow of information security: regularly detects information in storage where personal information is saved, labels the detected information as a subject of control by DB access control solution, and recommends the detected information as a subject of encryption. On a regular basis, a user can receive a single report on the location and number of personal information; whether access control policy or encryption was applied to information.

Moreover, the administrator’s personal information history, access control, and encryption history are stored and preserved in a single, integrated storage, making the management of operation/audit history simple and enabling complicated analysis. To respond to ever-evolving security market demands, WISS will be the most practical option available. It realizes an option license system so that users from different industries can select a customized package type that complies with the industry-specific IT regulations. Also, it offers SaaS (Software as a Service) to reduce the cost burden when it comes to integration with established solutions. WareVally has consistently considered field issues to achieve practical and advanced information security and indeed, WISS is proof of that effort.