Orange Trusted
Orange Trusted
Trusted Orange
  • # Solution that adds security to Orange, a representative database development tool, to follow compliance requirements
  • # Database work approval solution providing work process procedures that safely processes important data of the enterprise
  • # Provides security features such as the control of database access permission, the execution of approved queries for important tasks, and double verification, adding to Orange's powerful function to fully respond to Electronic Financial Transactions Act
  • # Improves the convenience of data work using Orange and allows smooth collaboration by sharing work contents.
  • # Its biggest advantages are coexistence with existing DB access control systems without conflict and easy interlinkage with the enterprise system
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  • Maximizes work efficiency by utilizing Orange, a proven DB development and performance management tool
  • Provides strong work > standardization tools by applying prior-approval for SQL tasks
  • When standardizing tools with Orange, it is possible to strictly control the unstructured SQL operations
  • Sticks to IT compliance requirements such as Personal Information Protection Act andElectronic Financial Transactions Act etc.
  • Using tool-based control, there is no conflict with existing access control in the user environment
  • Improves security through interlinking solutions such as ITSM and DRM
  • GS certification level 1


  • Applies strong work standards and audits security through the application of SQL work approval process
  • Prevents illegal leakage of information assets by applying masking and export control of the outcome of the performance
  • Audits the history of data changes through ledger change approval
  • Conducts access control to authorized users and logging audits for work history
  • Controls the use of various Orange tools


Data Partitioning
  • Increases company security by interworking with various solutions such as ITSM and DRM in the customer environment
  • Allocates the account management function and user permission for the account and password of DB
    - Users can perform DB tasks allocated without entering DB account and password directly.
  • Supports for 2Fact (OTP, SMS, Mail) authentication to strengthen user security authentication



Supports all databases supported by Orange. Supports various servers
Oracle 7.3 or later Tibero 3 or later Altibase HDB 5 or later, XDB 6.5.1 or later IBM DB2 UDB 9.1 or later Sybase IQ 12.6 or later Sybase IQ ASE 12.5 or later SQL Server 2000 or later PetaSQL 1 or later
Supports all databases supported by Orange Ade
Apache hive Mysql Maria Cubrid Greenplum PPAS Teradata SAP HANA Hive (scheduled)