• # Integrated development tool that helps all users manage database and handle data quickly and easily, hence enhancing work convenience
  • # Provides intuitive GUI
  • # Readily available for developers as well as DBA, administrators, and consultants
  • # Since its launch in 2001, it has provided many customers and users with convenient tools to handle databases, proving optimal solutions for database operations
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  • Comprehensive database management solution
  • Provides various tools for development processes for developers
  • Provides convenience tools for various monitors and performance management for administrators
  • Orange Ade Edition supporting various DBMS with a single program
  • Supports online reorganization for DBA
  • Provides various editions customized to administrators and DBA roles (Standard/DBA/Reorg Edition)
  • GS certification level 1


  • Provides intuitive and easy-to-use GUI
  • Available in multilingual projects with Unicode support
  • Performs multiple tasks simultaneously using multi-thread oriented structure
  • Enhances color and label settings to distinguish each session when connecting multiple sessions
  • Uses a variety of DBMS simultaneously with a single program
  • Schema Browser that can quickly and easily grasp the object information of database
  • Convenient development of SQL syntax
  • Table Editor, Loader, and Unloader to help change data
  • ER Viewer to create, compare and analyze object relationship diagrams
  • Object Report that generates various object specifications in a report form
  • Various object creation scripts in the database
  • Provides grammars, functions, and hints to help create SQL
  • Other convenient development tools


Provides integrated security function by interworking with Chakra Max and Trusted Orange solution


Oracle 7.3 or later Tibero 3 or later Altibase HDB 5 or later XDB 6.5.1 or later IBM DB2 UDB 9.1 or later Sybase IQ 12.6 or later Sybase IQ ASE 12.5 or later SQL Server 2000 or later PetaSQL 1 or later
Orange Ade
Apache hive Mysql Maria Cubrid PostgreSQL Greenplum PPAS Teradata SAP HANA
Orange Standard
Oracle Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2 Sybase IQ ASE Sybase IQ Tibero Altibase PetaSQL
Orange DBA Edition
Oracle Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2 Sybase IQ ASE Sybase IQ Tibero Altibase PetaSQL