• # Database encryption/decryption solution for asset protection based on encryption of important data in the enterprise database
  • # Supports encryption of both formal and informal data, minimizes the impact on database performance due to data encryption and performs encryption close to the fault-tolerant system
  • # Maintains availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the enterprise databases and DB encryption systems based on built-in cryptographic modules/encryption modules validated by the government agency and strict security operations corresponding to the FIPS 140-2 level
  • # Galea helps enterprises to improve reliability by safely managing important data from intrusion, prevent illegal information leakage from inside and outside, and respond to various information protection laws including the Personal Information Protection Act
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  • Integrated support for DB and informal data encryption
  • Partial encryption of column units of DB
  • A secure algorithm with encryption modules validated by KCMVP (Korea Cryptographic Module Validation Program)
  • Minimized DB change, stable performance and secure key management, permission control, audit history
  • Compliance with domestic and international laws on personal information protection
  • GS certification level 1


  • Supports both plug-in and API methods for DB encryption
  • Supports CLI (command line interface) and API methods when encrypting informal data
  • Partial encryption of column units of DB
  • Supports for informal data encryption such as images, text, and videos
  • Strong personal information search and information asset management
  • Secures encryption key management
  • Statistics-based anomaly detection (work detection outside work hours, large data leakage detection) and control
  • User identification and unauthorized person control for encryption columns
  • Stores access user information, encryption/decryption performance history as an audit log
  • Provides an audit report
  • Security features such as self-protection and integrity check


  • Supports interlinked operation with WareValley DB access control and integrated log management solutions
  • Links with Orange to provides convenience for encryption target management
  • Duplication configuration considering high availability


Formal Data
API method encryption
Plug-In method encryption
Informal Data
API method encryption
Plug-In method encryption


Various OS support
Windows Linux
Various database support
Oracle tibero mssql mysql