• # Detects client’s important assets in the enterprise, establishes a management system for assets
  • # Provides a security diagnosis solution that assesses asset vulnerabilities and meets security compliance
  • # Detects personal/sensitive information in basic PC/LINUX-UNIX/DB, iagnoses various security configurations in DB and assesses vulnerabilities
  • # Available for systemic management of detected important information
  • # Available to respond to international IT compliances such as Personal Information Protection Act, PCI-DSS, Basel II, etc. in a range of industries from public to finance, manufacturing, communications
  • # Available for utilization for sorting out the target of DB encryption
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  • Assess DBMS vulnerability and provide solutions
  • Utilize as a tool for asset management and personal information managementin the enterprise
  • Automatically detect of sensitive/personal information in system and DB
  • Comply with Personal Information Protection Act across the world
  • GS certification level 1


  • IT asset investigation through Auto Discovery (service detection of DB, Web, Remote Connect)
  • Detection of personal information and sensitive information in PC/Linux/Unix/DB
  • Detailed diagnosis of DB security (account permission, operating parameter, ERD, log status) and analysis
  • DB/System/Web vulnerability assessment (mock hacking and internal audit)
  • Provide fix script of DBMS vulnerabilities, patch guide, update for online vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring of personal information status and audit and explanation for the use of personal information
  • Provide a dedicated report on vulnerability assessment recommended by the Personal Information Protection Act and Ministry of the Interior and Safety


Available for integrated management of personal information connection history when interlinked with WareValley Integrated Log Management solution


Windows 10


Windows 10 Linux SFTP Telnet Windows Remote Desktop


Oracle Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2 Sybase ASE/IQ MySQL PostgreSQL Tibero Altibase PetaSQL