Chakra Max
Chakra Max
Chakra Max
  • # Monitors all server/database activities in the enterprise and detects and blocks unauthorized data access
  • # Fully responds to data protection laws and personal information protection regulations
  • # Monitors and controls operations in servers and databases in cloud and on-premise environment and accurately identifies information about 5W1H (who, when, where, what, why, how)
  • # Protects data through detection and de-identification of sensitive information, supports linking to other solutions, and provides optimal solutions for data security by providing reports
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  • The information security solution acknowledged by Gartner
  • Fully responds to the Personal Information Protection Act and complies with domestic and international regulations
  • Supports a wide range of servers/databases for protection
  • Establishes enterprise-class various access control environments
  • CC certification (EAL4), GS certification Level 1


  • DB/SERVER access control
  • Audit and logging
  • Automatic search and de-identification of personal information
  • Approval of data work
  • Pre-post data audit for SQL operations
  • Control of various access routes
  • Loop-around connection and tracking of 3-tier users
  • Multi-dimensional log search and data analysis
  • Control of large data leakage
  • Practical build-in security policy
  • Various reports


Automatic searching and scheduling of personal information in DB
Stronger server access control
  • Was Agent - Identification and security audit of users connecting to WAS
  • Server Agent - Control access to console operations that bypass security servers
  • WAC Agent - Audit of server operations through remote access, video-recording, command control
Extended support for diverse environments
  • Supports operations in various cloud environments
  • Various cloud DB support (AWS Aurora, RDS, Redshift, Dynamo,...)
  • Various NoSQL DB support
Security-enhancing functions
  • Encrypts audit logs and verify integrity
  • Prevents log tampering
  • Supports encrypted communication throughout all interval
  • Supports various 2Fact security authentication
    - Additional support for user authentication for OTP, email, and SMS
Interworking with various solutions
  • Provides API for linking various solutions (EMS, ITSM, SSO, etc.) of customers
  • Strong security control through linkage with Orange
  • Account management solution


Monitor and control database access history by logging 0% of load and 100% of audit data to the database.
No agent is required to be installed in the user and database, and does not affect the existing work and network environment at all.


Cloud support
Amazon Web Service Oracle Cloud MicroSoft Azure IBM / Google / Naver / KT Cloud
Various server support
SSH (S)FTP Mainframe TN3270 AS/400 TN5250 Telnet rcmd rlogin Windows Remote Desktop
Various database support
Oracle Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2 Sybase ASE/IQ MySQL MariaDB Informix Teradata PostgreSQL Netezza Greenplum SAP HANA Database Tibero Altibase Cubrid Symfoware KAIROS PetaSQL Dameng DM7 SunDB mongoDB FireBird Vertica Goldilocks Greenplum Amazon Aurora Amazon Redshift CouchDB