Privacy Policy

WareValley (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) values users’ personal information and complies with the ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc’.
Through this Privacy Policy, the Company informs the users of the purpose and method of the Company’s using the personal information provided by the users and the measures taken by the In case of modification thereof, the Company will make public notice of it through posting it on the bulletin board of the Company’s website (or individual notice).
The order of the Privacy Policy is as follows.

Personal information items to be collected
The Company collects personal information described below for the following purposes: application for training, customer service, inquiry for an account, inquiry for service subscription, etc.
  • Items of collection: Name, e-mail, phone number, and company name
  • Method of collection: WareValley Website (application for training, Q&A bulletin board, Notice board, inquiry for an account, download bulletin board, inquiry for trial, etc.)
Purpose of collection and use of personal information
The Company uses collected personal information for the following purposes.
  • erformance of service provision contract and provision of contents
  • User management: identification of individuals, making notice of announcements
  • Utilization for marketing and advertisement: Development and customization of new service (or product), provision of information on promotional events, provision of service and placement of advertisement based on demographic statistical characteristics, and identification of the frequency of user access or making a statistic on the user's service usage
Provision of personal information
In principle, the Company does not provide personal information of the users to a 3rd party. However, the following cases can be excepted.
  • When the Company obtained prior consent of the users
  • When a request is made by the investigative authority in accordance with the provisions of the law or legitimate procedure and methods for the purpose of investigation
Agreement on collection of personal information
The Company collects agreement on the collection of your personal information. Regarding the collection of the user’s personal information, the Company provides a procedure to click 「I agree」 button for the Company’s Privacy Policy. If you click 「I agree」 button, it is regarded that you agree with the collection of personal information.
Entrustment of collected personal information
The Company does not entrust the user’s information to a 3rd party without the consent of the user. If such entrustment is needed, the Company will notify the user of the consignee and details of entrustment, and if necessary, obtain prior consent from the users.
Procedure and methods of destruction of personal information
In principle, the Company destroys the information without delay once the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved. The procedure and methods of destruction are as follows.

A. Procedure of destruction
While the users of the website use the Company’s service, the Company continuously retains and uses user information to provide service.
Once a user requests destruction of personal information, user-specific information that can identify an individual user would be immediately deleted and handled in a way that it can never be restored or reused for any reason or by any measure.
In addition, even when the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is achieved, the Company destroys a user’s personal information without delay. However, even if the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is achieved, a user’s personal information may be retained only when there is a need to retain it pursuant to the provisions of the Commercial Act, etc. In this case, that personal information is managed only for the purpose of retention.

B. Methods of destruction
Hard copies of personal information are either shredded using a shredder or destroyed by incineration.
Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using technological methods that cannot be restored.
Provision of customer service regarding personal information
In order to protect the user’s personal information and handle complaints regarding personal information, the Company designates a department in charge and a Personal Information Protection Manager as below.

Personal Information Protection Manager

Name: Lee Da-ye
Tel.: 02 – 2132 – 5502

You can report any complaints in terms of personal information protection that arise during the use of the Company’s service to the Personal Information Protection Manager or a department in charge. The Company will respond fully to the users' reports as early as possible. If you want to report or consult about other privacy violations, please contact the following institutions.

1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
2. OPA Privacy (
3. Prosecution Service Cyber Crime Investigation Center (
4. CTRC, National Police Agency (

In order to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration, external attack, and hacking, the Company takes security measures to block invasion and protect the personal information management system; minimizes the number of employees in charge of personal information and frequently train them to ensure implementation and compliance of the Privacy Policy; and immediately take corrective measures if any issue arises.