We have overcome countless difficulties and challenges
with tenacity and passion thanks to your support for the past 20 years.
We deeply appreciate your confidence in WareValley.
As a global software company, WareValley has been the only company in Korea to present a future direction in DBMS security, management, and operation in an easy and timely manner. We have endeavored to make our client’s businesses and assets stable and secure.

WareValley has reached the current status all thanks to your enthusiastic support and encouragement over the past two decades.
Going forward, we are committed to actively invest in solution research and development to provide competitive solutions and outstanding services, hence contributing to a more secure IT environment.

Amid the ever-changing world, WareValley will make steady and persistent efforts toward a broader future with creative talents who will drive growth in the future. Our tireless effort and passion to follow the dream will realize endless growth opportunities for the business and employees and sustain us for the next 100 years.

CEO of
WareValley Co. Inc.
Sohn Sam-su
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